MidiBass - Audio MIDI Processor

  • Submitted to the MIDI Association 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards

  • Prototype Audio-MIDI processor

  • MIDI In, MIDI Out

  • Guitar In, Balanced audio out

  • USB-C power and USB Audio Interface

  • Display and rotary encoder for controls

  • Control-config over bluetooth 5.0 or USB to PC

  • Bass guitar to MIDI with no latency

  • Internal wavetable synthesizer

  • Patent pending technology

Reflect Strike Technology

  • IoT strike training mitts and strike pads

  • Bluetooth sync strike data to social web

  • Measures/records reaction time and strike power

AI Robotics Research

  • Swarm Intelligence on physical robots

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning

  • Neural networks, particle swarm optimization, gramatical evolution, genetic programming, overall swarm AI development platform.

Oids Robot

  • Oids are small, less than 70mm diameter, 2 wheeled robots.

  • Nordic nRF52840 Bluetooth 5 SOC

  • ST Micro VL53L1X time of flight multi-zone range sensor

  • 9 axis IMU (accelerometer/gyroscope/magnatometer)

  • 4 DC motor drivers (2 wheels, 2 for expansion)

  • RGB LEDs

  • Infrared beacon LED

  • 2 ambient light sensors

  • 2 MEMS PDM microphones

  • Infrared data receiver

  • USB Type C Device, typically a COM port

  • One physical button

  • One audio speaker

  • BL-5C batter (charges over USB)

  • Durable plastic body